Camping FAQ's

When can I camp?

Our campsite areas will be open for camping ticket holders from 2 pm Friday until 11 am Monday. You can set up between 2 pm to 11 pm Friday or 7 am to 8 pm Saturday. No new arrivals are permitted outside of these times or on Sunday. 

All campers need to vacate site by 11 am on Monday 11 September 2023.

Can I bring a Caravan/Campervan/Motorhome?

If you would like to join us with a caravan, Campervan or Motorhome, please make sure you purchase a Caravan camping ticket. You will have a 9x6m pitch allocated.

I have a tent, and my friends have a caravan, can we camp together?

For reasons of health and safety, no tents are to be pitched next to vehicles of any kind, sorry.

Can I drive my car onto the tent camping area?

Cars are not permitted onto the tent camping fields. Instead, you must park in the tent camping parking and carry your items to your tent pitch. 

Camping Rules

Please carefully observe our campsite policy below before joining us at Detectival. 

Please do NOT bring any of the following onto any part of the Detectival Site, including car parks and campsites: 

Glass bottles 
On ground BBQs
Only bottles up to 2.2kg are allowed on the tent campsite. Campers wishing to bring personal cooking stoves may only use purpose-built gas stoves with small gas bottles (2.2kg). No spare gas bottles are to be brought)


Open fires 
Chinese lanterns 
Illegal substances of any kind 
Any pet animals or birds 

Note: The only animals allowed on site are Assistance Dogs. Due to fire risk and health and safety regulations, tents cannot be pitched in the caravan area. 

We reserve the right to refuse admission or to evict any person from Detectival for drunkenness, unruly behaviour or for breaking any of these conditions. 

We will be taking photographs and filming this event. By entering the event, you consent to your image being used in future Detectival and Detectival promotions. If you do not wish your image to be used, please go to the Check-in tent or speak to the photographer/camera team at the time. 

Drones are not permitted over the arena or campsites. Your cooperation and support with this are appreciated. 

We’re sorry if any of your personal property is lost or damaged whilst at Detectival. Neither the organisers nor the venue owner can be held responsible. We strongly recommend never leaving any valuables unattended in your caravan or tent. 

Detectival is held on agricultural land. The organisers and the venue owner would like to remind you that the paths and grounds within the event and camping areas may be uneven. Whilst every reasonable effort has been taken to ensure your safety, visitors are requested to take care, especially after dark or in muddy or wet conditions. Neither the organisers nor venue owner can accept responsibility for injury as a result of ground conditions however sustained, whilst on the premises.