Volunteering Roles for Detectival:

On Field Marshalling
Car Park attendant
Booking in desk

On Field Marshalling

Our field marshals duties can be carried out whilst you detect the fields of Detectival.

Each field marshall will be allocated a field number to detect on, and these will be rotated throughout the weekend in shift patterns. Whilst detecting we ask that you assist with hole filling, assisting attendees with any questions they may have, remove any rubbish/disregarded targets from the surface, and report any issues/potential treasure discoveries to the Detectival Team.

Car Parking Attendant

To assist in the parking of our attendees on-site Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

Booking in Desk

You will be required to scan attendees tickets and issue guest wristbands. This is required Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

In return, you will get entry to Detectival for free (including tent or caravan camping), £50 travel costs, £25 food and drink voucher.

We need you to be available 7am - 6pm Saturday 07 September and Sunday 08 September for field marshalling. 

Car Parking and Booking in Desk roles are required 1pm-7pm Friday 07 September and 7am-9am Saturday 08 September.


To apply to volunteer at Detectival please email info@detectival.com with your name and contact telephone number.